Common Travel Traps

1. Kalesa Tour

Some of the Kutseros (driver of Kalesa) tend to overprice when they observe that you are tourists,
especially if you hail them from Calle Crisologo. Standard price for a calesa tour is P150 per hour.
Suggestion: Must ask price first before boarding. Let the driver know you were informed by Local
Tourism Council of the regulated prices and just hand him the correct price. If still unsolve, take his
Kalesa number and report the incident to the Local Tourism Council.

2. Fake Antique

As Vigan City is a historical city selling many antique. Most of the antiques now are gone or sold at
long time ago. Those products now are called reproductions! The woods were smoked to look like
they are antiques. So, don't be paying a hefty sum if you are buying a fake antique!
Suggestion: Investigate and verify before you buy.

Where To Find Help?

When you need help in Vigan City or to report any travel trap, please visit our Local Tourism Council.