Okoy and empanada
Malunggay pan de sal

It is fried to a crisp, with vegetable and meat filling. Rice flour is used for making the crust or the shell.

Recommended stall:

1. Evelyn's stall near Plaza Burgos - Crunchy dough.

2. Irene's on Calle
Salcedo - Soft and chewy dough.

It is a small and plump native sausage.


Café Leona near Plaza Burgos is a Vigan cuisine restaurant at the ground floor of an ancestral house.

*Vigan host longganisa festivals every January.

It is crunchy and chewy. The fresh batch will be finger-pricking-hot to get the shell at its crunchiest and the inside at its chewiest.


Durong's Malunggay Pan de Sal is smaller with a crustier and more powdery shell. Bits of malunggay leaves are mixed in dough.